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Selasa, 27 April 2010

Combination Awesome [Cinta & Benci]

Aku sedang sakit perut sebenarnya. Sebelum bermula, sila bagi aku tempoh lima minit untuk bertenang.


Lima minit sudah berakhir. Jadi mari kita mulakan.

Hari ini aku nak bawa kamu semua bersama aku dalam mood blues. Izinkan aku meluahkan sesuatu dalam bahasa asing (tak asing pun sebenarnya). Sebab aku cuba untuk buat-buat dalam keadaan sedang bercakap dengan orang yang berkenaan.

Ungu - Hampa Hatiku

Pernahkah kau merasa
Pernahkah kau merasa

Cukup sudah kuberikan cintaku
Cukup sudah rasa ini untukkmu
Mati sudah hati ini padamu
Mati sudah hasrat ingin bersamamu

Pernah kah kau merasa
Hatimu hampa
Pernah kah kau merasa
Hatimu kosong

Buang saja semua kata cintamu
Buang saja semua kata maafmu
Hancur sudah hati ini padamu
Hancur sudah hasrat ingin bersamamu

Memories are sweet. And sometimes bitter. But I like to keep the sweet one. Sometimes we do think about our ex girlfriends or boyfriends. Maybe becoz we’re still in love with them. Or maybe not...

For me.. When I did think of ____ (sila isikan tempat kosong), its not becoz of love.. It maybe juz becoz of the memories. It doesn’t mean that I’m stil not moving on...

As this entry is specially dedicated for you (you know who you are and I know you’ll definitely know), and you’re... Ermmm.. Berhenti di situ!

I’m sorry for my ‘bitchy’ SMSses that I sent to you earlier. Believe me, I only meant not even half of the messages. It was full of hate. I don’t know what was I thinking when I wrote those messages. I’m not angry at all. I’m just sad. So sad.. And there’s a frustration involved too.

You left me all by myself to handle your ‘dirty’ scandals (your bekas tunang actually). I guess I can handle it for a while. But not for long. Too much pressure around and I’ve lost it. I lost myself too during the process. I became very ’stiff’ in everything I do, including my words. I hurt people with my words (they asked for it for sure!). And I hurt you too. **geram sangat!

I hope that can explain the ‘bitchy’ part.

And I hope you can put it all behind us. And I’ll definitely do the same. Now I just can be your friend. Always... Count on me. I’ll be there. No matter what dear...

Sekian, terima kasih. Dalam keadaan keliru sama ada nak balik atau teruskan kerja. Aku sedang sakit perut. =I

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